Pre-Analytical Decapper

DC 2000 SL





In the pre-analytical process, the lids of the tubes from the laboratory are decapped fully automatically without touching.

It is loaded with the original racks of the tube analyzers from the laboratory during pre-analytical process.

The tubes can be loaded directly on the analyzer, without loss of time and labor.

  • Technical Specifications

    Dimensions60cm x 60 cm x 90 cm
    Weight90 kg (appr.)
    Speed of Decapperup to 2000 pcs/h
    Tube Loading Capacity10 rack queue (varies on rack type and model)
    Tube On-Hold Capacity10 rack queue (varies on rack type and model)
    Power220 VAC / 50-60 hZ
    Waste Tube Capacity5000 Tubes
    Other Specifications-Tube Hold Area Full Sound and Visual Warning
    -Automatic Rack Loading Unit
    -Decapping Unit Protection Cover
    -Cap Discharge Output
    -Aluminum Chassis
    -Cap Openers on Original Racks of Analyzers
    - Digital Touch Screen English,Turkish User Interface
  • Details

    The personnel are not exposed to the aerosol effect when opening the caps of the tubes. As the analyzer is compatible with its original rack, the tubes do not need to be re-stacked into the rack. It can be adjusted according to the desired dignostic device. The device has a medical waste pail. Alerts the user with voice and light when it is finished.

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