Pre-Analytical Tube Sorter

TT 2000 S




Used for managing the pre-analytic and post-analytic procedures in the least amount of time and in the most accurate way.


In order to manage the samples that will be worked in the laboratory analysis devices, the tubes are divided either by which tests are going to be done on the tubes (through information from the LIS system) or by cap colors (offline).

  • Technical Specifications

    Dimensions190cm X 77 cm x 168 cm
    Weight240kg (appr.)
    Speed of Sorterup to 2000 psc/h
    Operating SystemIndustrial Windows 7 Pro (IPC)
    User InterfaceColor Touch Screen | Turkish,English
    Sorter Mode On-lineClassification according to barcodes using information gathered from LIS
    Sorter Mode Off-lineClassification according to off-line Cap Color
    Tube Loading Capacity800 pieces +
    can be loaded continuously (varies according to tube size)
    Drawer Capacity250 pieces (varies according to tube size)
    Barcode Type1D Barkod: EAN, UPC, Code 128, Code 39, Code 39 (Extended), Interleaved 2-of-5, Codebar,2D Barcode (optional)
    Number of Drawers 12+1 pieces(Number of drawers can be increased accoring to order)
    Tube SizesLength: 70-120 mm
    Diameter: 8-22 mm
    Power220 VAC / 50-60Hz
    LIS InterfaceEthernet / RJ35 1010 Port
    Data TransmissionInternet / WEB
    Refleks Mode NEW*Continuous operation with 'pair box assignment' feature. When the drawer is received, the device continues to sort.
    Reporting Feature NEW*
    Independent of the LIS Program, informations of the classified tubes can be reported:
    -Sample acceptance times
    -Sorted drawer report
    -User authorization feature for reporting
    -Reported statistics in Excel format can be taken with USB output capability.
    -Statistics can be stored in memory.
    Other SpecificationsDrawer loaded/empty backlight lightening
    Tube lifting by a sliding lift system
    Aluminium chassis
    Audio & Visual warning system
  • Details

    By looking at LIS information of finished tubes in post-analytic process, sampsles whose results remain empty (barcode error, user error etc.) are reloaded into device and provided to be seperated.

    Acqusitions are provided at the point of ensuring cost, personel, time and standardization by using our device in post-analytic processes as well as using for the purpose of classifying the different types of tubes in pre-analytic process.

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