Refleks TT 2000 S

Process management services for all private and public hospital during the pre-analytical phase & production of necessary equipments by domestic capital.

Refleks TT 2000 S

1- Decreases mistakes in the process to a minimum and shortens the deli very time I TAT 1 •

2- Divides the tubes accordingly to tests that are going to be done on each tube or by cap colors.

3- Creates work flows accordingly to laboratory analysis devices.

4- Hasa user friendly, basic user interface.

5- If the barcode is unscannable or if the tube doesn’t get a response from “US” system, the tube

is sent to the “Denied” drawer.

6- With Refleks screen,

  • The situation of the device can be checked with work animations.
  • Shows the last scanned barcode and the drawer on the screen.
  • The alarm situation may be checked instanteniously.
  • Has visional and vocal data system.