Refleks TT 2000 S IQ VISION

Process management services for all private and public hospital during the pre-analytical phase & production of necessary equipments by domestic capital.

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Refleks TT 2000 S IQ VISION


Minimizes errors in the process and reduces the turn-around time TAT.

Compatible with all test tube types and sizes irrespective of the manufacturer and model. Sample tubes can be continuosly loaded to sorter by using bulk input.

Creates work flow.

Test tubes can be sorted by the blood test, the cap color, tube diameter, tube length, barcode, and any combinations of these parameters as defined by the user. The user can define, change and delete these sorting rules through the user-friendly screen menu.

Sorter does not require connection to LIS and/or Middleware System for sorting. Clone tubes with identical barcodes can be deposited in separate drawers or belt lines and sorting process continues without interruption.

In case of unscannable barcode or no response from LIS, the tube is deposited in the Exception


Sorter can work offline or can online connected to conveyer belt sample tube transfer systems and/or Refleks TT Smartline.

The systems provides the following information on the screen

Status of the device with work animation

Shows the last scanned barcode/sample tube and the drawer classified Instant audio and visual alarms

The integrated camera allows the system to take photo of the sample tube and archive it internally. It can be transferred to the LIS and/or the Middleware Systems if needed.

190 cm x 77 cm x 155 cm

240kg (appr.)

Speed of Sorter
Up to 1600 tubes/hour

Operating System
Industrial Windows 7 Pro (IPC)

User Interface
Color Touch Screen I Turkish, English

Sorter Mode On-line
Classification according to barcodes using information gathered from LIS

Sorter Mode Off-line
Classification according to off-line Cap Color

Tube Loading Capacity
800 tubes can be continuosly loading.

Drawer Capacity
250 tubes (Varies according to the tube size)

Barcode Type
1D Barkod: EAN, UPC, Code 128, Code 39, Code 39 (Extended), Interleaved 2-of-5, Codebar,2D Barcode (optional)

Number of Drawers
12 drawers + 1 exception drawer for Refleks TT 2000 S IQ VISION
6 drawers + 1 exception drawer for Refleks TT 2000 IQ VISION

Tube Sizes
Length: 70-120 mm Diameter: 8-22 mm

220 VAC / 50-60Hz

LIS Interface

Data Transmission
Internet / WEB


Refleks Mode New
Continuous operation with ‘pair box assignment’ feature. When the drawer is pılled the device continues to sort.

Reporting Feature

  • System can display reports on system screen
  • Sample acceptance times
  • Sorted drawer position-Total number of sample tubes
  • Total number of samples by cap color and/or tube diameter and/or tube length and/or sample barcode
  • Number of tubes sorted per drawer and number of unidentified / unrecognizable tubes
  • Reports can be stored in internal software
  • Reports can exported to on Excel format and downloaded to USB.
  • Report can be printed via printer

Other Specifications

  • Drawer full/empty backlighting
  • Tube lifting by a sliding lift system
  • Audio & Visual warning system
  • Bulk Input

The elevator is built to feed all tube positions continuously.
Compatible with all type of test tubes with 8-22mm diameter and 70-120mm length.

Loading up to 800 tubes
Scans all the types of barcodes.
Tube acceptance details are archived into “Log” file with barcode software.
By default there are 12 drawers + 1 exception drawer.
The number can be increased optionally.
Has a drawer warning system with lights.
Drawer full set value can be changed on the screen

Uninterrupted sorting continues by assigning a matc hing drawer number, even if the drawer is pulled, thanks to the “Reflex MODE”,
Drawer Start/Stop mode may be used necessary