Process management services for all private and public hospital during the pre-analytical phase & production of necessary equipments by domestic capital.

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TT Smart Line system is an automated solution for high throughput sample receipt, accessioning and transportation over long distance.

TT Smart Line system is a dedicated point to point line of tubes. Samples tube can be transferred horizontally and vertically.

TT Smartline Line system is connected with TT 2000 S IQ Vision and TT 2000 IQ Vision.

With a capacity up to 1600 samples per hour, TT Smart line will significantly reduce the pressure on existing transport systems and release capacity for transportation of other items than small clinical samples.

TT Smart Line system is compatible with laboratory automation bulk loaders.

Capability to access to TT Smart Line system belt anytime if needed for maintenance or service. Indicative samples tubes sizes of: Length 80-110mm, diameter 12-18mm. (including cap). Can handle sample tubes of either smaller or larger than the indicative dimensions. (20cmL 25cmWx2,5cmH)

Chassis Dimensions:
Pult Panels With 00 600 1030

Chassis Profile:
10.1″ Touch Screen
(Multiple Languages)

Profile Brackets:
1 Kw Servo Set (3 Sets)
(Delta Brand Without Brake)

Profile Ends:
Planetary Gearbox (3 Sets)
(Sesame Brand)

Plexiglass, Sheet Metal,
Chipboard Etc:
300ma Residual Current Device
(Schneider And Siemens Switches)

Conveyor Length:
20000 Mm

Conveyor Bottom Length:
Bottom 2000 Mm Top 1 00 Mm

Conveyor Top Length:
Mid Long Section 18000 Mm

Conveyor Bottom Height:
To Be Adjusted Per Hoppers.

Conveyor Top Height:
2000 Mm (Ceiling Level)

Conveyor Belt Width:
200 Mm Net Usage Width (Stainless Cover)

Conveyor Belt Specifications:
Blue Modular Belt (Transparent Cover)

25 Mm Idler Height

Distance Between Idlers:
200 Mm (Pe Material Guide Cnc Machining)

Conveyor Head Drum Diameter:
0102 Mm Or Over Gear Driven

Conveyor Profile:
Stainless Sheet Chassis

Conveyor Foot Profile:
5×90 Profile Adjacent To The Wall (Midsection Wall Mount)

Side Barrier:

Foot / Wheel:
M10 Chrome Metal Foot

Engine / Gearbox:
1 Kw Servo Set

Speed Adjustment Panel:
Yes (Plc)

The pictured parts are only indicative and can be customized for longer lengths.