Refleks DC 2000 SL

Stand-alone Decapper

Refleks DC 2000 SL

Stand-alone Decapper

DC 2000 SL is a stand-alone tube decapper designed to open tubes directly in the original analyzer racks, preventing the need for re-racking and significantly reducing turnaround time (TAT).

  • Throughput: Achieves a throughput of 1600 tubes per hour.
  • Automated Decapping: Capable of automatically decapping all tubes with a diameter between 11 mm and 16 mm using push caps and stoppers.
  • Default Tube Opening: Factory default for opening tubes with lengths of 75 mm or 100 mm.
  • Customizable for Various Tubes: Can be tailored to handle tubes with diameters ranging from 8 mm to 22 mm and lengths from 70 mm to 120 mm.
  • Mixed Operation: Capable of decapping in a mixed operation with differing diameters.
  • No Reloading Needed: Opens tubes directly in the analyzer racks, eliminating the need for reloading and reducing TAT.
  • Universal Rack Compatibility: Fits most universal racks, including Beckmann Coulter (AU/Dx1/Iris series), Abbott (Alinity Series), Roche (Cobas Series), Siemens (Advia Series), and adjustments can be made during manufacturing for other requested racks.
  • Tubes without Caps: Equipped with the ability to detect tubes with no caps.
  • Rack Automation: Automatically pushes racks forward for seamless processing.
  • Daily Tracking: Keeps track of daily decapping quantities.
  • Stand-alone Operation: Functions as a stand-alone decapper with no need for connection to LIS.
  • User-Friendly: Easy operation with minimal maintenance.
  • Waste Bin Capacity: Features a waste bin with a capacity of 5,000 caps.
  • Safety Measures: Minimizes infection risk to staff by reducing aerosol and splashing effects.
  • Ergonomic Design: Aims to eliminate repetitive stress injuries (RSI) in the hands and wrists of staff.

Note: All mentioned brands are proprietary of their respective companies.


(13mm x 100mm, 16mm x 100mm tubes)

Beckman Coulter

AU+Dxl + Iris Series


Alinity Series


Cobas Series


Advia Series


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