Refleks IQ Cap & IQ Rack

Recap & Archive

Refleks IQ Cap & IQ Rack

Recap & Archive

We are delighted to introduce our innovative products designed for sealing caps and storing blood sample tubes during post-analytical procedures.

Various organizations such as WHO, CLSI, and EFLM have published procedures that standardize the storage conditions for different types of samples. Additionally, it is crucial to keep blood samples closed to prevent evaporation.

The IQ Rack archive and the patented IQ Cap are designed to be used with the Recap-per RC 2000 SL.

Thanks to the unique design of IQ Cap, tubes of sizes 13X75, 13×100, and 16×100 mm can be sealed with the same cap. Whether manually closed or used with the recapper, IQ Cap remains equally effective. Moreover, IQ Rack is well-suited for archival purposes, enhancing overall convenience.


  • Patented one-size-fits-all recap
  • Closes all Ø 13 mm & 16 mm tubes *Intended for use with Recapper DC 2000 SL *Effective also at manual closing


  • Streamlined rack for efficient archiving
  • Compatible with a variety of tube types with lengths of 75 mm and 100 mm
  • Designed for use with Recapper DC 2000 SL
  • An optimal solution for cost-effective archiving purposes

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